About Megaloid Laboratories

Established in 1981, Megaloid Laboratories is a family owned chemical distributor and trader. We specialize in solvents and in recovered products. Megaloid procures product globally and the combination of our technical product knowledge, logistical capabilities and proprietary order processing system give us a competitive advantage to better serve our customers.

Centrally headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, our primary market is North America. Megaloid prides itself on our longevity and growth-oriented approach to servicing all of our customers needs. We strive for excellence, reliability, consistency and professionalism in everything we do. One example of this is our steadfast belief in having a customer call answered in person during normal business hours. We sincerely believe that every call to Megaloid is an opportunity to speak to our customers and we refuse to let that opportunity go to voice mail.

Megaloid Laboratories is a proud member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC). We are phase three verified of the responsible distribution code. Megaloid is also an active participant of the Canada Border and Security Agency Partner in Protection program and were one of the first Canadian companies in our industry to be approved by the US Department Of Homeland Security Program, Partners in Protection. We are also an active participant in the Burlington CAER (Community Awareness & Emergency Response) Group. We are continually involved in the improvement of the safe handling of all the quality products we offer. 

Megaloid Laboratories
5515 North Service Road. Suite: 306
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 6G4

Phone: (905) 337-7411
Fax: (905) 337-1686
We are proud to be a member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC), and also of the Burlington CAER (Community Awareness & Emergency Response) Group. We strive to be among the leaders of the industry in the continual improvement of the safe handling of quality products.